Alarm in Venizelio for coronavirus case in Oncology – Heraklion

After the cases at the Orthopedic Clinic, an alarm was sounded at the Oncology Clinic of Venizelio. As confirmed by the commander of the hospital Mr. Terzakis patient tested positive immediately and removed from the scene.

However, concerns prevail for the other oncology patients of the clinic who already belong to the high-risk groups and must be doubly protected against the virus.

The strict measures

It is reminded that after the cases in Orthopedics, the measures to prevent the spread of the SARS COV2 virus within the General Hospital were tightened. “Venizelio-Pananeio”. As announced, only one licensed escort is allowed to stay and exclusive nurses as well as relatives will have to submit a negative test.

The following measures were announced in detail by the Hospital Management:

– It is forbidden to enter the Hospital. All entrances to the Hospital will remain closed and accessible only with the special electronic entry cards of the staff.

-Only one attendant per patient will be allowed to enter and stay with written permission from the Clinic Director, and only if absolutely necessary. The relatives will show a negative test rapid test, which was done within the last week.

Exclusive Personal Care Nurses will submit a negative rapid test (which was done within the last week).

-Patients who come to the regular clinics after consultations with treating physicians for follow up examination will be recorded in a daily list by the attending physician (appointment every 15-20 minutes) and will enter the hospital at the time of their appointment. The keeping of the list and the time of arrival will be checked by the security staff at the entrance of the regular clinics. The examinees will not move in the corridors, but will sit (with the appropriate distance) in the seats of the waiting areas.

“Lifts” a large weight of coronavirus treatments

At the same time, the Venizelio hospital seems to be “lifting” a large weight of coronavirus treatments as until noon on Monday, 27 people were hospitalized: 20 in the Covid unit and 7 in the ICU (the 6 intubated).

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