Elena Paparizou: ‘My 13-year-old girlfriend was raped at school, her life changed’ – Television

Elena Paparizou was invited to the show “Enopios Enopio” on ANT1 on Monday night (22/02), who spoke about her years in Sweden, her singing career, her husband, the battle with depression, but also allegations of sexual harassment and rape that have been coming to light lately.

Paparizou for complaints

Regarding the recent allegations on the scene of sexual harassment, rape and abuse, Elena Paparizou expressed her support for the victims, while making a shocking confession.

“I’m incredibly upset, I know sexual harassment is happening everywhere, I can not imagine what this thing is like. It has not happened to me. I started when I was 17 and grew up in a very male-dominated profession. I always felt from all the men around me that protect. I have been a sex humorist since I was very young, I am joking, I am comfortable in this matter. I felt from all the men around me that they were protecting me. I do not believe that my two long-term relationships played a role. “If someone wants to abuse, they will abuse.” reported.

I also see men going out to talk these days. Men are usually ashamed and afraid to complain about these issues. We have taken steps as a society, but for people who suffer from such things, their lives are very bad, it still looks like darkness. At school in Sweden, my best friend, who was 13 years older than me at the time, was raped by a man. “Her life has changed forever since then.” added Elena Paparizou.

Paparizou for depression

The beloved singer referred to the false reports that have been written from time to time about her, but also about her battle with depression, stating:

“I have never thought about backstabbing. They have written a lot of lies about me. As long as I let people tell me what is written, I sucked. I have decided for years that I do not want to read and I do not want to know. My job is to music. First we are human and because there are a lot of problems out there it does not hurt anyone who is ready to go out and say that it is normal and it happens to the king. “Especially if you have left a bad circle, it is nice to say so.”

The childhood years of Paparizou

Speaking about her childhood, Elena Paparizou stated that her mother has lived in Sweden for over 55 years and said:

“My childhood in Sweden was sweet I can say, with some difficulties. Maybe my parents’ difficulties were before the day I was born. My dad and I looked like characters. He was a worker. At 13 I was not allowed to I’m involved with singing, at the age of 17 with Nikos Panagiotidis and them Antique, felt safer. All my life I wanted to sing, to perform. Of course I wanted to become a child psychologist, but maybe I also had a restaurant. I grew up in a restaurant. I like cooking”.

The surprise from Nikos Panagiotidis

In fact, Nikos Hatzinikolaou had a surprise for Elena Paparizou, as he had as guest Nikos Panagiotidis from Antique, with whom he had also gone to Eurovision.

Needless to say, she is a golden girl, everyone knows that. Now maybe I called her more modest, she matures over the years. So many years together, before music and after music, golden girl. I can not say anything else “, he said, while the singer was moved by his tender words.

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