In the nest of Kou Kou: The big change in the show and the on air announcement

Every day, this season, we see the journalist Dimitra Kalfoutzou, presenting the breaking news and news, in the place of Giannis Poulopoulos who this year is on the panel of Katerina Keinourgiou in OPEN and in the show Happy.

Giannis Poulopoulos loves Eurovision and this is known to everyone. In fact, he has knowledge on the subject that few have and until last year he gave a rich report and details to “Kou Kou”.

However, it seems that the Star journalist does not like this institution so much, so that she will be the one who will present the Eurovision news every day from now on, this year.

So, on Tuesday morning, she announced that she was handing over the baton to another colleague.

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