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If anyone said a few days ago that Panathinaikos is getting ready to make his own Mario Hezonia, they would definitely wear a nice scarf or throw a pinch at him to make him understand that he is not dreaming …

But as it turned out afterwards “you should never say never”. All of a sudden, the “greens” dropped the “bomb” of the year on EuroLeague which made … a click and was heard all the way to the other side of the Atlantic. And how not to do! Here, the Panathinaikos had not managed to get the Croat in the “good times”, when there was “fluid” and mood from Dimitris Giannakopoulos, would he succeed now, especially in the time of economic … narrowness?

And yet. A little (even a lot) timing from the moment she was a free agent, a little her consent Barcelona and especially the desire of the player himself to play in OAKA, they brought the big deal! A deal that “awakened” memories of his glorious past Panathinaikos. Something that was captured, even from the official announcement! Those who read it well, it is impossible not to stand at one point.

“KAE Panathinaikos OPAP announces the acquisition of the athlete Mario Hezonia until the end of the 2020-2021 season” mentioned features. How long have we had to read the word “athlete” for a player and a superstar? Personally, the official announcement about him came to my mind Dominic Wilkins, which was announced by Panathinaikos in exactly the same way. In no case do I compare the two cases (I would be crazy if I did) but I want to emphasize the flash back that took place during the “rich” years of the team.

Now you will tell me, that the “green” OEM did the same with him Left Mantzuka a few weeks ago (s.s. also mentioned him as an athlete in the official announcement) however it is different when we refer to the greatest talent in Greece and different to a player of his level and range Mario Hezonia. Knowing the great love he has for the club, one can easily say that “it was the law and it was done!”

The benefits are huge, communicative and competitive

In all respects! Both from a communication point of view, as well as from a competitive point of view. Communicative because the Panathinaikos shouted loudly “present” in European basketball, reminding everyone how big the brand name of the club remains, with a move that could be described as equal to his Nikola Mirotic in Barcelona. A move that can be opened to Panathinaikos many doors in the future, even if its finances are “measured beans”. Personally, I consider it to be the biggest transfer of this season in the whole EuroLeague. Far from the second (Milutinov, Σενγκέλια).

And yes. It remains a huge communication move (and at the lowest cost since no money will come out of the club’s coffers but it will be a “sponson the player” move through sponsors) even if the player only needs to be left three months. It would be good for everyone to live intensely in the present (even if they are forced to stay away from it OAKA of the pandemic), to admire (finally) this awesome player with his jersey Panathinaikos and not to have in mind “yes nice, but if it is only for this year, there is no reason”.

I do not take it out of my mind, it is just the atmosphere that prevails in the comments (even in his texts gazzetta.gr) and on social media. As our proverb says “they gave them a donkey and looked him in the teeth”. THE Hezonia is a luxury for him Panathinaikos. It would be a luxury anyway when the budget was multiple. Imagine now. This year. And without this necessarily meaning that the Hezonia will definitely leave the “greens” in the summer. Stay window exists and is open. Half open, to be precise, because his case will be very difficult anyway. Unless he “sweetens” for good this year and wants to stay for another year, without giving money. Difficult. No, but it is impossible.

And here comes the Barcelona. Personally, I do NOT think that the Catalans would be so … generous with him Panathinaikos if the “greens” had reasonable hopes of qualifying for the playoffs. They would not give in so easily. As much as the Croatian wanted to play in Panathinaikos. They simply now said “yes” more easily without any financial benefit. In the summer, seeing and doing.

Of course, the movement also has competitive criteria. We are talking about a 26-year-old player, of recognized value, number 5 in his draft NBA, with more than 300 games in the best league in the world and many experiences. Knowing the European mentality and in particular EuroLeague, will not be able to make a difference with the “clover” on the chest? Even if he is away for a long time and trains individually all this time, o Mario Hezonia is the player who can offer a lot to Panathinaikos on both sides of the parquet.

What to expect on the floor

Both in the remaining games in Euroleague where the goal is the best possible finish with as many victories as possible, as well as within the borders by winning the double. He is a player who in NBA he played more in “two”, less in “three” and in some rare cases in “ace”. A player for all jobs as he can be equally effective on both sides of the floor. And we talk about it NBA and what he showed in the five years he stayed on the other side Atlantic.

He may not be the most reliable shooter (although he shoots with nice percentages after pull up or catch and shoot), but neither can he be the one who will “create” situations for his teammates, but a player with too much energy, incredible perception of the space, excellent in “one against one”, knows how to take advantage of “miss matches” thanks to his good game in the post in proportion to his position, knows how to “read” the phases well, as a result of which he “steals” balls and running in the open field.

In the EuroLeague he can play comfortably in all three positions of the region and judging by his tactics Κάτας to go to “high figures”, o Hezonia “Fastens” ideally. Not that he wouldn’t … he would click if the Israeli coach had other plans in mind, but now he has one more reason to rub his hands even more with satisfaction. Of course, the physical condition in which he finds himself remains a big question mark, while he will definitely need time to adapt and acclimatize to his new data.

In conclusion, this is the “colpo grosso” of the season (I repeat, whether it stays or does not continue after the summer) which gives extra glamor and shine to Panathinaikos!

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